Circadian Computing

ClockWise: Towards Circadian Aware Technology

Advancing a vision for "Circadian Computing" — designing, developing and deploying novel technology that helps to maintain our innate biological rhythms.

Passive Sensing of Sleep Behavior & Circadian Disruptions

What does your phone and social media usage tell about you? We use these patterns to identify sleep behavior and circadian disruptions including social jet lag.

Rhythms of Cognitive Performance

Our cognitive ability waxes and wanes over time. Continuous assessment of such fluctuations can enable new technology supporting our individual rhythms.

Improving Creativity

Using blue light (≈ 480 nm) to improve convergent thinking — a critical component of our overall creative ability.

Mental Health

MoodRhythm: Effective Management of Bipolar Disorder

Sleep and circadian rhythm disruptions can result in illness onset in bipolar disorder. MoodRhythm app helps to regularize daily routine for circadian stability.

CampusLife: Mental Health and Well-being on College Campuses

Around 32% of college students suffer from serious mental health issues. Tools for automated assessment of mental health can enable effective intervention.

EUREKA: Preventing Relapse in Schizophrenia

Using phone sensors for low-cost, low-burden and longitudinal tracking of behavioral cues and early detection of relapse in patients with schizophrenia.

Old projects

Population Scale Activity Recognition

An activity classification framework that is scalable and can handle the diversity in user population by leveraging crowd-sourced data labels.

Selfie of Societal Happiness

Using geolocated images from Twitter to determine patterns of public sentiment, and to sense underlying societal events and community characteristics.