• November, 2015: Our article on detecting social rhythms instability of patients with bipolar disorder has been accepted by JAMIA.

  • September 5 – 11, 2015: I had a great time in Osaka for UbiComp 2015. We had one paper on using social media to infer jet lag. I also presented my work in doctoral school.

  • August 29th, 2015: I will be at Microsoft Research working with Mary Czerwinski during the fall.

  • August 11 — 12, 2015: Traveled to Portland to join the annual ISTC-PC retreat.

  • July, 2015: Our paper on behavioral sensing of outpatients and inpatients with Schizophrenia by Psychiatric Services.

  • April, 2015: Our article on in-situ design for mental illness has been accepted in MobileHCI.

  • May, 2015: I was a student volunteer for UbiComp PC meeting. It was a great learning experience.

  • March, 2015: I attended CSCW at Vancouver. I presented the paper on measuring societal happiness from geolocated images paper. We also had another paper from MoodLight project.